Valerie Littleton -President and Founder

 I love mountains and I love the ocean. In fact, my nickname in college was the “Mountain Mermaid”.
There is something so familiar and soothing to me when surround by the ocean. I love how it feels on my skin and how it fills me with a sense of wonder.
And mountains; I climb them, I hike them, camp in them and find my solace in them. I have also found my life’s work in them.

In the Spring of 2008, I had the opportunity of hiking to Everest base camp with my dad, who at the time was fighting stage 4 cancer. It was life changing. I fell in love with everything about Nepal, especially the people who live in the shadows of the tallest mountains on this earth, the “Khumbu". I knew at this time, my life’s work would involve this area.

Shortly after returning home from Nepal with my dad, I met Apa Sherpa, 21 time Everest Summiteer and Jerry Mika. We became friends and we all had a passion for helping the people, particularly the children in the Everest region.
For years now we have been working to give the children of the Khumbu a choice in their lives. We do this through education.

Working for a non-profit is tough! It requires the one thing that definitely does not come natural to me; asking others for money.

Last year, we were worried about how we would be able to fund our hot lunch program long term. It kept me up at night. I knew I needed to find a sustaining way to assure its longevity.
I spent many sleepless nights thinking’s about how I could find a way to make this work. I prayed and meditated, looking and asking for an answer.
It came in the most unexpected way (don’t they usually?)

I was contacted by a woman named Rebecca Day. Rebecca is the founder and creator of Qoleum.  She searched the world for superior ingredients and the area of Nepal we work in happens to be one of those areas she sources from. When she sources from a region, she gives back to that region. This is how we met. Our ideas eventually grew into a beautiful friendship and also a way that I could help my friends in Nepal and also fulfill a lifelong dream of owning my own business.  This is how MME Skincare was created